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Set in the year 2050, the story follows eight emotionally-damaged reality show contestants as they compete in a supernatural fighting tournament for a chance to win six million dollars. 

Project M-Verse is a web serial created by Aaron David Harris, award-winning author and college professor. 

Released in May 2016. Pages are updated weekly.

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In this short collection of essays, Aaron David Harris, award-winning author and college professor, shares his fascinating perspective on one of the most popular genres in the history of video games.

Super Combo: Essays Inspired By The Fighting Game Genre is Aaron's personal observation of fighting games. He provides his take on franchises as popular Street Fighter and Tekken, and as obscure as Tobal and Plasma Sword.

The topics covered in the collection include the various narrative aspects of tournament fighting games, the relationship between fighting game characters and literature, as well as the connection the genre shares with professional wrestling.

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*Winner of the 2014 Glory Reelz Christian
Film Festival Award for Best Novel.
This is the story of David Johnson, a stubborn kid from the slums who takes a supernatural journey of trials and hardships designed to lead him to the ultimate truth: the power of God is the strongest thing in the universe. Along the way, his story intertwines with several other citizens: a 12-year old runaway named Walker, who believes that he is a prophet; Marcia Miguelas, a troubled young girl who understands God even less than David does; Carolyn Cross, a simple police officer who is transformed into the greatest woman in the city; and George Dean, David's most dangerous enemy, as well as his best friend. Over the course of three years, David is forced to look inward and embark on a quest filled with failure, redemption, superhuman powers, and mind-bending technology. David must brave physical challenges that threaten the city and spiritual battlefields in dark places in order to discover what it truly means to be a man of God.

There is always a market for intelligent, faith-driven fiction and Harris’ compelling narration, not to mention his fresh Christian voice, will certainly earn him a large following. Brilliantly relating spiritual issues to human life makes this novel a good Christian book that is, by the way, very rare to find. Above all, the characters in this book represent honest realities of human life and of divine revelation, providing the readers with a one-of-kind experience.
– Maria Beltran, Readers' Favorite Book Reviews.

*Winner of the 2013 GloryReelz
Christian Film Festival Award
for Best Novel
David Johnson, now older and wiser in the Lord, has seemingly reconciled with his former nemesis, George Dean. In fact, they are now best friends. However, not everyone is willing to put their trust in him, including Marcia Miguelas and Carolyn Cross. Meanwhile, a face from George’s past has returned to Union Cross. And her name is Jasmine Dean. She has gathered all of David Johnson’s foes, setting in motion events that threaten every human on the planet. But there is more to her than what appears on the surface. How much does George Dean know? Can he truly be relied upon to be honest and forthcoming? Is David Johnson ready for the answer to those questions? Or will the combination of his precarious emotional state and his newfound powers drive him to the edges of insanity? New Seasons is the story about a war for souls that brings the Union Cross series to its climactic conclusion. (Lamp Post Inc., 2013)

Aaron David Harris delivers a fresh new voice for the YA Christian Sci-Fi genre. He gives readers a taste of literary genius, combining action, suspense, sci-fi and spirituality that weave together a breathtaking futuristic tale of good vs. evil.
– Sheri Brooks, founder of the Glory Reelz Christian Film Festival.

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David Johnson may be on a path of continued growth in his relationship with the Lord, but he still has much to learn. He has grown weary of the corruption the plagues his neighborhood. And now, strange new powers are beginning to manifest inside him. Can David Johnson control himself? Or will his anger and impatience get the better of him? Carolyn Cross, former Chief Inspector of the Union Cross Police Force, is now the Queen Minister of C.O.R.E., an elite organization that combats global threats that the secular world can not. Now she is tasked with unifying a special team of talented, but inexperienced, young people to combat what could be the most dangerous menace the organization has ever seen. The prophet called Walker has been a faithful servant of the Lord and his skills in battle are unparalleled as a result. However, the darkness of his former life has resurfaced in the form of a jealous face from his past. New Villains. Secret Organizations. Awesome Powers. And the return of David Johnson's most ruthless adversary. Everyone looks for a miracle. Few want to be the miracle.

“Union Cross deals with topics of God’s love, redemption, revenge, and what it really means to be a Christian–both in action and in spirit.”
— Michele Anglin, author of Lucas, Guardian of Truth.

Turner Johnson's relationship with the Lord isn't the problem. It's his fourteen-year-old grandson, David, who can't seem to make peace with God and deal with the many issues in his life. But when he unwittingly humiliates the most powerful young man in the city, David suddenly finds himself trapped...and in need of a miracle. Carolyn Cross is content with living an empty life until God calls Walker the Prophet to convict her. The Bowman twins are on their way to great success, but often find themselves serving their careers instead of the Lord. This is the first in a series of three action-packed novels about incredible technology, superhuman abilities, and the Lord's power to do anything through anyone.

Lamp Post Inc.
Publisher of the Union Cross series