Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Letter To My Passions

My favorite kinds of stories are those that feature a competition. More specifically, a clash of styles between two dissimilar entities, to me, represents the most exquisite art form. To that end, I remain committed to the creation and examination of combat in all its forms.

In a sense, this is something that I have done all my life. At an early age, I was drawn to staged performances in martial arts movies and professional wrestling. Also, fighting games and action-based animation continue to influence my work as a professional writer.

While superhero fiction dominates a large portion of my entertainment lexicon, I must confess that I have never actually had a favorite superhero. My concern was never the hero, but their abilities, and how those abilities compare and contrast.

Other forms of combat have been revealed to me as my perspective broadens and matures. Presidential elections, courtroom battles, and business rivalries all represent various kinds of combat. And it would certainly be a crass act of prevarication if I did not mention how the wide range of sports stories and events have shaped my outlook.

The most gratifying aspect of combat is in its ability to teach. By nature, fighting is an intimate experience. It is an exchange between two highly motivated opponents. And those motivations often hold deeply personal or professional significance. In the pursuit of victory, the opponents forge a connection. They educate each other, and through that process, they educate themselves.