Reno Recap

Hey y'all!

So I'm still in recovery mode from my fantastic trip to beautiful Reno, NV, where I gave a presentation on fighting game storylines at the Wizard World Reno. Again, I did not know I'd be going to Reno. I thought the Youmacon was going to be the last event of 2015. So I had to quickly find a plane ticket and a place to stay.

In lieu of a hotel, I crashed at my best friend's house (yeah he just happened to be living there now. Ain't God good?!). It was like being in college again. To thank him for his hospitality, I hooked him up with a pass for the event and he hosted the panel along side me, which was so awesome because I played so many fighting games with him growing up. So it was cool to see things come full circle.

I networked with so many people out there, and I think I'll have some wonderful people to introduce you to for Five-Q, including comic book legend Jim Shooter. I had a fascinating conversation with him about diversity in comics during his run at DC comics and I can't wait to share his insight with you.

Soon I'll be dropping a podcast to recap the month, an analysis of the Skullgirls storyline, as well a new Five-Q from my favorite Australian author, Aiki Flinthart. It's an honor to know her and I had a fantastic time learning about her path to successful writing.

Stay tuned. Have a great Thanksgiving week!