C2E2 2016, Youmacon 2015 Update

I've been extended a professional pass to C2E2 in Chicago next year in March. C2E2 was the first comic con I ever attended back in 2012. I've done numerous cons since then all over the country. C2E2 is one of my very favorites because Chicago is such a great place. It's right near my hometown in Detroit. It's the cleanest major city I've ever visited. And the food is awesome. This will be my third time coming and I'm really excited to use what I've learned at other cons to help further this little brand of mine.

But first things first. The Youmacon. On Oct. 31, I'll be breaking down the anatomy of fighting game story lines during a late night panel discussion. I have everything I need except for one thing. I'm going to use a template to show how to break down the games. Then I will execute the template using two fighting games. The first one I'll use is Tekken 2. I need a second one. Any suggestions? If so, hit me up on Facebook.

Also, next week on Five-Q, my special guest hails from the realm of sports and holds a very interesting job at ESPN. I can't wait to introduce you to her. Stay Tuned.