The Union Cross Card Game

The Game
Title: The Miracleverse (Or Union Cross)
Background: Unlike most nerds, I'm not the biggest fan of trading card games. They involve a lot of people. They have a lot of complex rules. I just haven't found one that I like yet (I am always open to try new things if you want to send a few games that you think I'd like). I like Solitaire. It's addicting, relaxing, and challenging all at the same time. Last year, I discovered Golf Solitaire. And I was so inspired by the format that I came up with my own version using characters and themes from the Union Cross universe. Coming to a Walgreens near you! (Or not).

The Rules

Game Engine: The game uses a 52-card deck with golf solitaire rules. Like any card game, there are four suits. However, instead of the normal suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades), the suits are based off enemy factions from the Union Cross universe. There are 14 cards in each suit. Numbers one through nine are normal. Numbers 10 through 14 (instead of 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace) are the special cards within each enemy faction. Below are the four enemy factions and their corresponding special cards.
  • Drones (Sam Olson, Jasmine Dean, Rolando Vega, Justin Kace, Nathan Drock)
  • Capitals (Styes, Slater Lee, Andrew Graham, Tynisa Morgan, Crunch)
  • Netherverse Demons (Cael, Oni Orochi, Yuri Orochi, Coraa, Drega)
  • Government Agents (Larkham Rugal, Jason, Zach/Billy, Kim, Falcon Jim)

Main Characters
The following are the main characters are in the game. Use them like you would a Joker in a Golf Solitaire game. You are only allowed to choose main character per game. Heroes have a special meter's bar. When full, that player can access that character's special move. Player build that meter by clear cards from the tableau. Each character has a strength, and weaknesses, and a special move.
  • David Johnson
  • George Dean
  • Marcia Miguelas
  • Walker
  • Carolyn Cross
  • Turner Johnson
  • Benjamin King
  • Timothy King
  • Terrence Bowman
  • Stephanie Bowman
  • Israel James
  • William Katz
About Each Deck
Each suit represent an enemy faction. Each faction has five special cards. The hero must use a special attack in order to remove a special card from the tableau. Each special card has a special move when drawn from the stock deck during play. The higher the special card, the stronger the move is. Drones can absorb energy (Special moves get taken). Agents poison. (Time limit. In 20 sec Assemble three cards in succession or game over). Capitals injure (Special moves disabled for 60 secs). Demons can blind/cripple (For 60 secs, players are unable to clear numbers above 5).