Comic Con Update

I'm so pumped. I'll be speaking at the Magic City Comic Con this weekend here in Miami. I'm very excited to be able to showcase my work to a few cool people. On a completely unrelated note, I would like to inform everyone that I have recently succumb to the awesome deliciousness known as Chipotle. Embrace me as your brother! See you at the con!

Project M Series Recovery

I've really been overthinking things lately.

So I'm going to keep it simple and follow through with my original goals. When I first conceived Project M, it was as a film/web series. Since I figured that I probably wouldn't be able to afford doing all of the episodes (because voice actors are expensive), I knew that my next best option was to make a comic series out of the still images from the film itself.

I didn't follow through because somewhere along the way I stopped believing in doing it like that. I guess I was comparing my work to other comics and graphic novels out there and I didn't want to be seen as some sort of hack. The truth is, no matter what I do or how good I think I am, I'm probably always going to be a hack to somebody.

Anyway, I got motivated to follow through on the comic because I started working on the trailer for the series (because I'm going to be speaking at the Magic City Comic Con this weekend and I wanted something to show to the audience).

No, I'll never be Alex Ross or Jim Lee. But I have a way visualize my work. And I'm very thankful to God for that.

So be on the look out. My webcomic is coming. I need to figure out the best way to display the comic. But I'm doing it.

Happy New Year!

Project M: Episode One

Logline: A reality TV show is turned upside down when a young man with strange powers enters the contest.

Below is my first and only attempt at movie making. It's called Project M. The series, a loose follow-up to Union Cross, is about a competition-based reality television show where competitors do battle with each other in a virtual world. In the virtual world, each competitor has a different set of powers. However, the show takes a new and dangerous turn when one of the contestants displays his virtual powers in the real world. It was screened at the 2014 GloryReelz Christian Film Festival. My hope is to one day finish the series. There are 14 episodes, each one costs about $800-$1000 to produce. I used a program called Moviestorm to create the characters, and I found some wonderful voice actors from